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> How to Apply Incflex Patch on S55 - English, Help for a beginner to apply the inflex patch to an S55 phone
#4633 Posted: 19-06-2006, 19:06
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Hello folks,

I speak little Russian, this is in English. I apologise.

I am a beginner in this area (have never "patched" before) and would like to apply the flex memory increase patch to an S55 mobile phone with firmware 91 and language pack 3 (lg3). I downloaded VKlay (latest version), the patch and the instructions. There are quite a things that I don't understand in the instructions; below are my questions. I have pasted the instructions at the end of this letter for quick reference.

1. General question - Overview of the procedure

My initial "belief" was that the patching would go roughly along the following lines:

a. I download the complete memory content of the phone ("fubu")
b. I edit this memory content with a suitable editor ("patching")
c. I then write back this edited content to the memory of the phone.

If I understand the instructions correctly, this NOT so. Rather, there are several occasions when I am supposed to "Write Memory" to the phone. So:

a. I download the complete memory content of the phone ("fubu")
b. I edit this content (and the language part, separately) "one by one" in certain ways (section 3, 4, 5 in the instructions)
c. After each edit, I write the edited content onto the phone, separately.
d. Finally, after the "culmination" of several writes, the phone is "patched".

Is this correct? So the phone has to be connected to the computer throughout the procedure and finally, after several writes, the patch is applied?

The questions below are about some details not clear to me.

2. About language packs - Section 4 in the instructions

Section 4 in the Instructions is about "Cutting and Transfering" the language pack
The phone I have has language pack 3 on it (lg3). This has 6 languages in it. I would like to keep 2 of these languages (English, Hungarian). Now:

- how to I get the "language pack" I am supposed to "cut"? Somehow from the phone? from the fubu? or from some external source?
- suppose I got the language pack. How do I "cut" it?
- will the phone have T9 on these two languages after the patch? (it has T9 for both languages now)

3. Section 6 in the instructions: "Apply patch below"

How do I actually do that?
(remember, I'm completely new to this patching business)

Thank you for all you help


Below are the instructions copied here for convenience.

1. Backup
1.1. Use V_Klay 2.6 -
1.2. Download your fubu.
1.3. Download all files by help DES.
2. Undo old patches
2.1. Undo previous versions of this parch.
2.2. Undo patch "Moving T9".
3. Moving T9
3.1. Run V_Klay, choose "Flasher".
3.2. Open your fubu, which was saved BEFORE increasing flex-memory.
3.3. Set: FromAddress=3C0000, Size=040000, UseFromOffset=480000.
3.4. Press "Write Memory", press "Yes".
4. Cutting and transfer langpack.
4.1. Cut langpack to 1 or 2 or 3 languages (it's size should
be not more than 192K). Or use this archive
4.2. Open binary langpack-file in V_Klay-Flasher.
4.3. Set: Address=0D0000, size don't change, UseFromOffset=0.
4.4. Press "Write Memory", press "Yes".
5. Transfer EELITE
5.1. Open your fubu (point 1.2) by help WinHex.
5.2. Save area BE0000-BEFFFF as new file. Its size must be 65536 bytes.
5.3. Open this file by help WinHex.
5.4. Press Ctrl-Alt-H (Replace Hex Values).
5.5. Check on "Replace all", "Use as wildcard", "3F", "All".
5.6. Set SearchFor=F03F3F3F3F3FFE3F3F3F3FF0,
ReplaceWith=F03F3F3F3F3FF63F3F3F3FF0. Press Ok. Press Ok.
5.7. Press Ctrl-Alt-H (Replace Hex Values).
5.8. Set SearchFor=FC3F3F3F3F3FFE3F3F3F3FFC,
ReplaceWith=FC3F3F3F3F3FF63F3F3F3FFC. Press Ok. Press Ok.
5.9. Save this file with new name.
5.10.Open this file in V_Klay-Flasher.
5.11. Set: Address=B60000, size don't change, UseFromOffset=0.
5.12. Press "Write Memory", press "Yes".
6. Apply patch below.
7. Turn on the phone, wait while memory will formatted.
8. Upload to the phone all files, which were downloaded in point 1.3.
9. Enjoy disk 1.71М.
PS. It is final release, I don't see any chances
increase flex-memory more.
PPS. If something wrong - just restore your phone
from backup (point 1.2).
PPPS. New addresses: langpack: 0D0000-0FFFFF, T9: 3C0000-3FFFFF,
EEPROM: B60000-B6FFFF and BF0000-BFFFFF.

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